Occupation Editing and other offensive videos
Years Active 2007-2008
Notable Works The Search For the Cleavland Steamer
Influences Kluginsolo

AnalKookaburras , aka "N. Sampson Films", was either the third or second editor overall after Klusignolo  and possibly Marrokiu and the first (second if Marrokiu was first) prominent non-SpongeBob editor. His most famous work was a series of Blue's Clues edits called The Search For the Cleavland Steamer. His mascot was a creepy-looking black man (actually an image of Barry White) known as "Nigger Sampson".


Anal joined YouTube December 2007 and made many over-the-top offensive political videos, which involved demented vulgar political rants made with Speakonia and slideshows of images to DVDA songs. It was not until May of 2008 he made his first edit-like video, episode one of The Search For the Cleavland Steamer. It was a hit and he followed it up with three sequels: White Man's Burden, Jihad in Your Soup and The Polar Express

Unfortunately, he announced his retirement in late 2008, and The Polar Express ofically marked the end of his videos (hilariously anti-climatically), with a credits sequence where he thanks everyone who supported him to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven".

However, a few weeks later, he came out of retirement for Christmas 2008 and made an edit on the How the Grinch Stole Christmas! '60s TV special entitled The Grinch and the Quest For Literacy, or as it's called in the video itself How the Grinch Stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks! .

In late August 2009, he got a new account "CopyrightMyAss09" and reuploaded the taken-down White Man's Burden (only for it to get taken down again) and a new (non-edit) video, DANIEL COOK LOLOLOL. He has not made anything since, edit or not. He is confirmed to still be retired by a user named "Butt Raptor" who knows him IRL.

Editing styleEdit

Anal's videos were not really edits, as they were made before editing really took off and had an established meaning. They were merely YTPs that happened to incorperate editing elements. Because of this, he managed to get away with things that are now unacceptable in editing, such as using Speakonia to generate completely original sounds for the edits.

He was also the first editor to find more sounds than just what Klusingolo used (except maybe Marrokiu, but this is counting editors who directly followed Klusignolo, not those who reinvented the wheel like Mark did). The new sources he found for sounds were The Sopranos, Chapelle's Show, Eminem's "Steve Berman" skit, "Bright City Lights" by Surburban Rythm, the "Krusty Krab Training Video" episode of SpongeBob (Haha...WRONG!), and a currently unknown song that goes "BABIES!". 

His actual editing style pretty much just relied on randomness, even more than the average edits. Not only were profanities used randomly, there were also random clips spliced throughout, especially in The Polar Express. What little bits of editing there were were pretty much just following the classic "use as little words as possible to completely change the context of the scene". 

The Polar Express is the oddball of the series. It isn't really that much of a Blue's Clues edit. It starts out as an edit of Bill Clinton's notorious speech about not having sexual relations with a woman before going on to editing Blue's Clues, then pretty much devolves into some some nonsencial stuff about a pancake chef, Chef from South Park and Nigger Sampson starring in Reading Rainbow, and Jules Winnefield getting pissed at Steve for the latter not saying anything except "What's Joe gonna show?" before the abrupt announcement that the series was over.


Jihad in Your Soup and The Polar Express were reviewed by MasterPlanktum.

Raster0fMandomness' avatar on EditCity is an image of Garterbelt from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt captioned "Oh my god, the children", referencing the ending of Jihad in Your Soup.


What was "White Man's Burden" like?Edit

The second Cleavland Steamer episode, White Man's Burden, was taken down for copyright twice, and will almost certainly never be reuploaded. However, if one watches the reupload on the CopyrightMyAss09 account on an iPad, depsite the video being down, you can still read all of the comments. Thus, we can get some glimpses into most/all of the videos contents.

The only reupload of any part of it is contained in this editof the SpongeBob episode "Texas", which contains the scene where Steve dances to "Suck My Dick".

Known quotes in the video (what were almost certainly the edited parts are in bold; ones that were probably actual sound clips are just in bold, ones that were probably made with text-to-speech are also in italics):

  • "Blue's reading a book on how to burn Jews."
  • "We just got laid" (probably the video's take on the "We Just Got a Letter" song)
  • Steve: "You know what we need to play Blue's Clues? Our handy dandy..." Children: "Notebook!" Steve: "WRONG!"
  • Steve: "What's Joe gonna show? What's Joe gonna show?" Disembodied voice: "My cock." (continuing the gag in the first one where this happened, except the voice said Cleveland Steamer)
  • "There's a clue on your cock."
  • "We both love hermaphrodites!"
  • Soap: "When's Joe coming?" Steve: "Up your ass!"
  • "We'd better find some pingas"
  • "We look a little alike, you know, around the balls!"
  • "Sit down in our electric chair and..."
  • "This is my free porno mags"
  • "You've turned into the biggest balls of the morning"

Other aspects:

  • The video contained the songs "Chocolate Slaty Balls" from South Park (probably was used as the opening music, like the Cillit Bang theme was for The Pollar Express), the Cillit Bang remix, and "Suck My Dick" by DJ Valentino (probably both used for used for rape raves with Steve)
  • After the "electric chair" bit, the chair either exploded or made electric noises (representing Steve getting shocked), and Nigger Samson commented "Oh my god, the children" (a gag recreated in Jihad in Your Soup)
  • After the "we just got laid" song, Tyrone Biggums from Chappelle's Show (who was also in Anal's non-edit vidoe Barry Educates The Youth) enters announcing: "SHAZAM! Is this the 5'o clock free crack giveawya", to which someone (probably Steve) responded YEAH!
  • In addition to Blue's Clues, the video at the end also contained an edit on the Tennesse radio station W Buz, which makes Anal the first and only editor to ever edit radio. The line: "Everybody's gotta hear the shit on W Balls, W Balls, W Balls."

Non-YouTube WorkEdit

He had a Myspace (this was 2008, remember), but Myspace retooled itself into a "social entertainment site" and hid the information of everybody who  used it unless they manually moved it to the new layout, and Anal had disappeared from the internet by the time that happened, so he never did that (and that's making the extremely unlikely assumption he still would have cared about his Myspace in 2011). Thus, nothing on it is salvaged.

There is a Vine channel named AnalKookaburras, but whether or not it's the man itself or someone avenging his legacy is unknown.

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