In late-2008, Edited versions of SpongeBob SquarePants were uploaded on YouTube by user Klusignolo. His edits became immediately popular on YouTube and has influenced/inspired many editors such as nubforlyfe (now DahBestEditor and ViacomIsRunByJews), BadAssEdits (now SantaWithDrugs and MasterPrantum), Freshmilk970, Rollerhock and Roshua777.

This is a list of notable editors currently on YouTube.


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Klusignolo (now ViacomCanSuckIt) is a Spongebob editor currently on

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Spongebob editor

Years Active

2007-2010 (as klusignolo) 2010-present (as ViacomCanSuckIt)

Notable Work

Sailor Mouth, The Camping Episode, Pizza Delivery, The Bully and Training Video


nubforlyfe (now DahBestEditor), BadAssDrugs (now SantaWithDrugs) ToRxEdiTs, Freshmilk970, Legobucket (now SheldonJPranktum), Roshua777, MizzouEdits, platypuspwn and ny2049

YouTube under his alias ViacomCanSuckIt. He started making edits in August 2007. starting with The Bully, Sailor Mouth and Pizza Delivery, In no less than several months; He became the most well known and prolific editor on YouTube to this day. He has influenced many editors; most notably nubforlyfe, BadAssEdits, ToRxEdiTs, Roshua777 and Legobucket. He has placed editing on hiatus indefinitely and there's has been no word on if he'll continue editing in the near future. In November 2009, klusignolo was suspended by YouTube after getting his third copyright strike; however, late that year, he returned to YouTube under the alias of ViacomCanSuckIt


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Roshua777[1] is a Spongebob editor on YouTube. His uploads span from, but are not limited to, CoD videos, SMOD videos, edits, tutorials, school projects, and compilations. He is currently active and continues to edit to this day. His alternate account is Roshua666[2] Roshua777 uploaded his first edit on September 22, 2009. He started with the episode Big Pink Loser and then continued on to editing Survival of the Idiots, Something Smells, and Mermaidman and Barnacleboy V. He became the most famous editor since klusignolo. Roshua777 was inspired by editors such as Legobucket, nubforlyfe, SantaLikesDrugs, MasterSKODWARDE and klusignolo and has influenced editors such as Hen97Films, ny2049, MizzouEdits2, editorzRus and TheDVDReview


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nubforlyfe (formerly DaBestEditor, DahBestEditor and DuhBestEditor and now ViacomIsRunByJews) is a Spongebob editor on YouTube who is most well known for his edits episodes of Skill Crane, Sailor Mouth, Band Geeks, and commercials of Free Credit Report and Coors Light. He started editing around early- to mid-2009 under the name nubforlyfe, starting with certain episodes of Spongebob, most notably Skill Crane. He made an alternate account called DaBestEditor and he has also edited Free Credit Report commercials, Castrol Edge, and Coors Light; he has also made edits of Fairly Odd Parents, That's So Raven, and several other shows. However, in early-2010, nubforlyfe was suspended from YouTube. Then, in late-April, his backup account DaBestEditor was also suspended. He later created a third account under the alias DahBestEditor (notice the extra H). He is currently working on a new project. There has been no word as to when it will be finished. He now also has a new account under the name of DuhBestEditor, but that account got suspended on July 20, 2010 but on the same day, He created a another alternate called ViacomIsRunByJews and ViacomIsRunByFags after getting his second copyright strike on his current channel.


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MasterPrantum (formerly SantaLikesDrugs, BadAssEdits and SantaWithDrugs), is a Spongebob Editor on YouTube. He edits all kinds of shows. Fairly Odd Parents, Ed Edd and Eddy, Spongebob, etc. Some of his well known classics were: His first Chocolate With Nuts Edit, his Best Day Ever edit, and his second Chocolate With Nuts edit. He was inspired by klusignolo and DahBestEditor so he decided to start editing. He had 2 copyright strikes, so he created a backup account named MasterPrantum. He claims that he meant for the username to be "MasterPranktum" as he forgot the T when creating the account. He currently puts current Spongebob edits and some re-uploads onto it and any other edit onto SantaWithDrugs.

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