Spongebob edited has many fans who are or are not fans of real Spongebob. Most fans hope for a good long episode by the editors, they usually get 5-9 minutes. They usually will leave a comment of there favorite line from the episode. They can ask for request but they will not always get it. The fan base used to be very small from 2007-2008, but around that year the fan base grew. It still grows till this day. Like the Editors, Fans hate Viacom and will call them many names. Most people will say Viacom sucks. Many fans are local to edited Spongebob. Some fans are Dylan4YouTubication, MasterMario548, xgamerXrandomman1, acfreak55, TheGreatguy123, Thefightinphillies13, AntiTroll1000, QueerWard, Rycan18, bobkyleyou, TheAngryGuy20, Demon Rantz, aaron rickenbach, maxgamer010 and much more.

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