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Occupation Editor (Mainly SpongeBob)
Years Active May 20, 2013 - present
Notable Works Jellyfish Hunter, Sleepy Time, Krabby Land, Neptune's Spatula
Influences Roshua666 (now Roshua777), klusignolo (now ViacomCanSuckIt), Freshmilk970, MizzzouEdits, RandomlyRandom1999, ViacomisBullshit, LickMyNoseHAHAHA, ny2047
KickAzzEdits is a SpongeBob editor on YouTube. He is relatively new, but edits heavily and to a high standard.


KickAzzEdits is a long-time fan of editing. He started out watching Caillou edits, and then Dora edits. and then SpongeBob edits. In May 2013, he was finally able to break into the world of editing, posting his first video, "Jellyfish Hunter."


KickAzzEdits' videos receive generally positive feedback. He is considered a very talented editor, according to his feedback, and is encouraged to continue editing. A second full-length edit, "Sleepy Time," was released in July. Also in July, two other edits, "Krabby Land" and "Neptune's Spatula," were released.

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