The list of YouTube user terminated without when someone report the user.

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1. 24thPowerProductions

Reason given: ???

2. Armake21

Reason given: ???

3. Greenday12688

Reason given: Creating profane dubs of SpongeBob episodes such as Grandma's Kisses, Ripped Pants, and The Fry Cook Games, and posting them on YouTube. Returned with the channel Sponge Dubbers.

4. KroboProductions

Reason given: ???

5. Marrokiu

Reason given: ???

6. mostoffensivevideo

Reason given: Creating profane dubs of Peanuts specials. Some of his videos were reuploaded by other users.

7. Nostalgia Critic

Reason given: ??? - came back under League of Super Critics and Channel Awesome

8. PivotMasterDX

Reason given: ???

9. Pokebobicogxguy

Reason given: The video games for look like call.

10. tomservo3

Reason given: ???