The list of YouTube user terminated without when someone report the user.

(Notice: DO NOT DELETE, OR RENAME THIS PAGE, We are working this. By Sogrepjb1)

(Hey, Raster0fMandomness87, you can edit this page you know what's the reason given)

1. 24thPowerProductions

Reason given: ???

2. Armake21

Reason given: ???

3. Greenday12688

Reason given: Making the profanity to do SpongeBob dub to put Grandma's Kisses, Ripped Pants, The Fry Cook Games, or else on YouTube.

4. KroboProductions

Reason given: ???

5. Marrokiu

Reason given: ???

6. mostoffensivevideo

Reason given: Making the profanity to do Charlie Brown dub to put three videos on YouTube.

7. Nostalgia Critic

Reason given: ???

8. PivotMasterDX

Reason given: ???

9. Pokebobicogxguy

Reason given: The video games for look like call.

10. tomservo3

Reason given: ???

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