Not to be confused with the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. No seriously, there's no way anybody can confuse these two.

Welcome to SpongeBob SquarePants Edits Wiki!

This is an encyclopedia dedicated to SpongeBob SquarePants edits. That's right, this wiki contains info on edited episodes, the sound clips used, the editors, and even edits aside from SpongeBob. So sit back, relax, and let the long stiff cock that is the Official SpongeBob Editor's Wiki rape your brain with knowledge.

What are edits?

Edits, also known as dubs, are parodies of original videos by replacing certain spaces or phrases with words or sounds collected from other videos or songs, all in order to make something funny out of it, usually perverted. On some occations, edits are usually accused for hate speech, but in truth, nobody is actually offended.

For the most part, SpongeBob episodes are edited primarily, and are submitted to YouTube. However, most videos such as these are flagged (by a former-YouTube group called the Flaggots), so in order to view, one must sign into an account that is age above 18 to watch, usually.

Though despite the name and history, SpongeBob is not the only show that can be edited, multiple shows (like iCarly, Regular Show, Dora the Explorer, etc), animes like Bleach and Lucky Star and even videos from YouTube stars, usually Fred or Shane Dawson. This basically means that editing can be extended and to avoid copyright strikes, these alternates will usually do.

WARNING: These videos contain bad and wonderful language.

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