Nanban is a relatively minor editor of the G3 era.


Nanban's Avatar as of present (2016-)

Her interest in editing came relatively early in her life, around age 12, but she did not begin creating content of her own until 2015 at age 19. Prior to editing, she uploaded a Chadwarden YTP, but later settled to fill a niche as an editor. As of now, she uploaded 6 edits to YouTube.

Her first edit was of the SpongeBob episode, Artist Unknown, which was promptly quarantined by Viacom immediately upon its release. This action persuaded her to avoid the use of Spongebob, and seek out more original sources. Nanban remains a rather obscure editor, but her existence has been acknowledged by the larger community. Her most famous edit by views is an edit of an Elmo's World segment of Sesame Street, but Nanban's most significant contributions to editing thus far have been her participation in collabs, particularly Raster0fMandomness' The LA Sailor Moon collab and AReallyAwesomeGuy117's Klusignolo collab.

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