Nubforlyfe's iconic profile picture.


Commercial editor

Years active

2009-2010 (as nubforlyfe/DaBestEditor)

July 20th - Present (as ViacomIsRunByJews)

Notable work

FreeCreditReport edits

Nubforlyfe, also known as DahBestEditor and ViacomIsRunByJews, is a popular YouTube editor. Known widely for his "" edits, Nubforlyfe has abstained from SpongeBob edits to prevent himself from obtaining pesky copyright strikes. He started editing around early- to mid-2009 under the name nubforlyfe, starting with certain episodes of Spongebob, most notably Skill Crane.

He made an alternate account called DaBestEditor and he has also edited Free Credit Report commercials, Castrol Edge, and Coors Light; he has also made edits of Fairly Odd Parents, That's So Raven, and several other shows. However, in early-2010, nubforlyfe was suspended from YouTube. Then, in late-April, his backup account DaBestEditor was also suspended. He later created a third account under the alias DahBestEditor (notice the extra H). He now also has a new account under the name of DuhBestEditor, but that account got suspended on July 20, 2010 but on the same day, He created a another alternate called ViacomIsRunByJews and ViacomIsRunByFags after getting his second copyright strike on his current channel.

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