Rotten Cheese is an editor on YouTube who mainly edits any random sources he happens to come across. He was one of the editors in the collaborative channel TwoIdiotsEdit, before that channel was abandoned. He is one of the smaller, lesser known editing channels on YouTube. His style is more minimalistic than most other editors, mostly using more familiar sounds with some new ones from random sources he might stumble across. The reason for this is because he believes that it doesn't matter what the source is, as long as you can make it work.

History Edit

In July 2013, he and his best friend created a collaborative channel called TwoIdiotsEdit, where they would work together on creating edits of their own after they got into editing. The channel only has eight videos and has since been abandoned due to lack of progress, along with the second editor losing interest. The final few edits on the channel were made by RC by himself before the channel was indefinitely abandoned. Shortly after he created his own channel for editing on his own, originally called "BananaBread" for just a few days before being renamed "Rotten Cheese". He has been labelled as "The stinkiest milk-based product on YouTube". In his QnA video he reveals that despite what people think, his name was not inspired by SpoiledMilk970, but was just a name he thought up from the top of his head.

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