-New clips used-

  • Song at beginning: "Castratikron" by Dethklok (guitar solo)
  • "Suck a nigga dick or something": "Slob On My Knob" by The Three-Six Mafia
  • "Suck a panda bear's spermy nutsack": "Suck a Cheetah's Dick" by Wesley Willis
  • "DAAAHH!": Grandma's Kisses dub
  • "Porch monkey": The Boondocks, episode "The S-Word"
  • "Ladies' tampons": Metalocalypse, episode "The Curse of Dethklok'
  • "I'll come over there and bitch-slap you with my cock, motherfucker!": "Kyle Quit the Band (Demo Version)" by Tenacious D
  • "Holy shit!": The Whitest Kids U' Know, end credits (during logos)
  • "Cockmaster": the South Park movie (during the Terrance and Phillip part)
  • "Jump out the window": "Like a Boss" by The Lonely Island
  • "SHIT!" (slightly distorted): South Park, "Pinewood Derby" deleted scene
  • "The president was kidnapped by ninjas and you're sittin' here with that boner looking at my titties, you fuck!": Grandma's Kisses dub
  • "Jeaab!": South Park, one of the "they took my job" quotes
  • "Yeahhhhh!": Grandma's Kisses dub
  • "My balls on fire!": "Chocolate Salty Balls" by Chef
  • "Because": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethfam"
  • "To fuck a fucking pirate in the ass (arr, me and me first mate!)": "I Wanna Fuck a Dog in the Ass" by Blink 182
  • Explosion noise: "Fansong" by Dethklok
  • "You gilded cunt!": "Gilded Cunt" by Cradle of Filth
  • "Suck a dude's dick": "Like a Boss" by The Lonely Island
  • "Suck a racehorse's cock with Heinz tomato ketchup": "Suck a Cheetah's Dick" by Wesley Willis
  • "Son of a fucking whore cock suck-asshole FUCK!": Pinewood Derby deleted scene
  • Dissonant guitar squeals: "Birthday Dethday" by Dethklok
  • "Spearchucker": Boondocks, episode "The S-Word"
  • "Fell in love with a baked potato": "Jesus Ranch" by Tenacious D
  • Ripped pants song: "Go Forth and Die" by Dethklok
  • "Holy moley, it must be my birthday!": Family Guy, episode "From Method to Madness"
  • Fart clips taken from: South Park, episode "Death"; "Shut Your Fucking Face, Uncle Fucker" by Terrance and Phillip; Blazing Saddles

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