-List of new clips used-

  • Intro music: "Because It's Midnite" by Limozeen;
  • "Take your bullshit somewhere else": "Fuck You" by Wesley Willis;
  • Bath music: "Blood Ocean," "The Gears," and "Murmaider II: The Water God" by Dethklok;
  • "Bronchitis": "Dethsupport" by Dethklok;
  • "Booty butt cheeks": "Booty Butt Cheeks" by the Boondocks;
  • "Pussy": Metalocalypse, episode "Fertilityklok";
  • "Dick face": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethzazz";
  • "Gets outta here! Why don't you take a picture and blog about it online with your pervert... laptop!": Dethklok tour skit #1;
  • "I oughta make you eat my dick for this!": 24thPowerProductions' "Your Shoe's Untied" dub;
  • "Barbecue sauce": Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy;
  • "Aw, fuck it all to hell!": "Shoes Untied" dub;
  • "Patrick, go to hell and die!": "Shoes Untied" dub;
  • Crash: Futurama theme song
  • Weird distorted noises: Metalocalypse, episode "Dethlessons" (Skwissgaar's nightmare)
  • Metal song: "Trilogy Op. 5" by Yngwie Malmsteen;
  • "Get that shit outta my face!": "Big Baby Dub" (Jabo0odyDubs);
  • "You stupid son of a bitch!": Deadwood Pancakes;
  • "Suck a male camel's dick with hoisin sauce": "Suck a Cheetah's Dick" by Wesley Willis;
  • "Fuck": South Park, "Pinewood Derby" deleted scene;
  • "Takes that you German whore!": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethrelease";
  • Scream: Shoes Untied dub;
  • "You can suck my dick!": "Under the Influence" by Eminem;
  • "A dead whore, whats the police won't even investigate, 'cause no one cares!": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethzazz";
  • "Suck my damn dick, asshole!": "Fuck You" by Wesley Willis;
  • "Fuckin' ghost who kills children": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethmas";
  • "Pooty-butt doody!": Aqua Unit Patrol Squad, episode "Allen, Part 2";
  • "I told you I'd shoot, but you didn't believe me! Why didn't you believe me!": "Happy Happy Joy Joy" by Ren and Stimpy;
  • Mumbling: "Big Booty Bitches" by Bombs Away;
  • "I'm a freakin' pervert...": "I'm So Pedophile" by Onison;
  • "Cocksucker": Deadwood Pancakes

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