TheAssassin650 is a G2 editor. He only made three full-on edits and a short but he managed to become the most subscribed one of all time, with 28,000.

His three full edits were on the first two "Duck Song"s by Byrant Oden (1, 2 and then a remake of 1 with better editing). His short edit was of the infamous GIF altering a scene from Kings of New York to have Burger King shoot Ronald McDonald.

The first Duck Song edit became the second-most viewed edit of all time (after RandomlyRandom1999's "Frankendoodle"). Alas, all the bits of the original song are muted out on the original upload, but there are plenty of reuploads.

His last edit (and also last non-car related video) was in 2013. He still makes car videos to this day, however.

His editsEdit

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