• BuckyPasteur1998

    GamindMindTheGreat (also known as GamingMindTheGay, AjAndJohnCenaHadSex and BackUpChannelOfGMTG) is a mentally deranged, physchopathic YouTuber who threatens to rape women, tells people to die of cancer, and rages over the slightest insult given to him on the internet. He doesn't stop to think before he says certain things and he was neglected as a child and suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is partly the reason why he rages on the internet and threatens other people useally for no reason. He will often use the "-____-" face in most of his comments which is to promote his down syndrome. Even at the age of 17-18 he still masturbates over WWE wrestling and Pokemon hoping one day he will finally hit puberty. H…

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