• DemonicBeast

    Sorry, I accidentally posted without writing. Just wanted to adress that. I will begin writing shortly.

    UPDATE: Okay, we're fucking ready to roll.

    As a former editor with a short lifespan (thanks to those dickbag, parody-hating Viacom stalkers) I have a load of sound sources I will never get to use. I shall suggest a load of them right here, and you are free to use them, hence list them as sound sources on this wiki. 

    I WILL UPDATE WHENEVER I CAN (usually on weekends) First, just to clarify things. If something is in a bracket (ex. [Michael went and] beat the shit out of him), that text is unnecessary, it's just to make things easier to understand as a full sentence. If there is an asterisk, there are additional notes. If it's in parentheses, it's option…

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