Like I said yesterday, I'm going to write a funny blog post about the absolute horrors of the RaccoonRigby soundpack ( You ever wonder why RaccoonRigby sucked so much cock? (that is NOT referring to his homosexuality, I'm just saying he was a bad editor). In the words of Biggie Smalls, "If you don't know, now you know, nigga".

First of all, it's not an edited soundpack. It is very clearly a YTP soundpack. It says so in the title. Now that that glaring problem is out of the way, let's look in the actual soundpack and see what we can find to make fun of,

I shit you not, about 90% of this soundpack is just the songs "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, "The Bagel Song" and "Caramelldansen". EACH ONE IN THEIR ENTIRETY. Wonderful selection of music. All we need is "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" and the RickRoll song and we've got all the songs that were memetic when I was a kid which was sad because I fucking loathed them at the time (and, with the lone exception of RickRoll, I still hate as a 15-year old). You may wonder why I hate them.

Barbie Girl: Just watch LickMyNoseHAHAHA's review under "RamReviewsN1". What happened to that channel, anyway? Did he quit because he suffered from Seinfeld Syndrome (you can't be in any new media because you are permently associated with one role, in this case LickMyNose's being an editor)

The Bagel Song: Heh heh, it's funny because it's Yakety Sax, but "bagel" is every note. I can do that, too. Beans, beans beans, beans beans beans beans beans beans, beans beans beans beans, beans beans. WHERE'S MY 400 THOUSAND VIEWS?

Carmelldansen: FUCK. THIS. SONG. Until a certain Finnish DJ and his storms of sand came along, I think  this was my least-favorite meme. This song was the reason I hated all non-pornographoic Japanese culture until the fateful day I discovered Kill La Kill and decided to become a mild anime fan so I could feel superior to Mercury-Ami. The song was as annoying as shit. Even translated into English, there is no fucking reason it should have ever become memetic. It's just a dance to a mediocre Japanese pop song. I think it really demonstrates the ridiculousness of weeaboos. If this had been an American song, dance and all included and unlike what really happened actually connected to the song, it probably would have gotten like 1,000 views total, but it's from the holy land of the rising sun, so of course it became the biggest thing of 2008.

(bit of research later...)

Wait, it's Swedish?


Let me demonstrate. It'd be like if I filmed myself doing the Soujia Boy to one of the mediocre Madonna songs, and it became huge in some country that eats up American culture but doesn't speak English simply because of how American it looked and no actual quality or humor.

Anyway, what really makes me push it to hatred is that it ruined what would have been my favorite channel in the late 00s/early 10s: masterofhomestar (yes, that was the inspiration for my username). There was a running gag (read, dead horse beating) that it would play whenever someone did what even remotely looked like the dance. Of course, that was before the creator REALLY ruined the series by putting his shitty self-insert Pikachu recolor Cheescake in there but I am getting to far ahead of myself.

Only good thing about Caramelldansen: I had forgotten it existed until today, and now it is a friendly reminder 2008 was not all it was cracked up to be. If I ever get nostalgic for AnalKookaburras or Marrkiou again and wish I was 8 so I could watch all the holes in their channels and then some, I'll just listen to that shit again and remember that for every genius like them, there were one million stupid videos of a Japanese cartoon character pretending they're a bunny to this song.

Now that all that is off my chest, back to talking about the soundpack. It fucking sucks and any editor who used it fucking sucks. The only other thing I really have to say is that "candy bars" is not actually from Homer Simpson like you probably thought during Beans and Weenies. It's from a movie called Super Troopers. I've never seen it, but alrady I hate it for creating one of the worst jokes in editing history and, unlike Ace Ventura or Austin Powers, not being the source of any good sound clips to make up for it.Here is my opinion on Super Troopers.

And speaking of things I hate that begin with "super" and end in "ers", come back later today for something about a certain series SuperIdiotMan00 loves that will blow your mind.