Two more observations on Carmelldansen.

1. The original Swedish version kicks the "Speedycake" ones ass and eats it for breakfast any day of the week, any month of the year. So does Leekspin. Leekspin was popular and everything, but why couldn't it have been the fad back in 2008 where they substituted the girl for every fictional character ever made?

You may ask yourself, why did this rule while Caramelldansen drooled? They both seem to have the same concept of just being a cute anime Flash loop to a cute song.

Well, it's because Leekspin became a meme simply because it was cute and relaxing. I don't think there was anyone who thought the song was Japanese (yet, anyway, it would later become quite a common misconception due to Hatsune Miku, but this is referring to the meme and not her). CD on the other hand wasn't meme because it was actually cute, but because it was SO JAPAN KAWAII DESU.

Now to clarify, I do not have a problem with videos being memes because they represent the weird side of other cultures. Gangnam Style is exactly that and I still love it nearly two years later. What I think makes CD fail in the aspect is, as I had said, the song was actually a remix of a Swedish song. If you're going to represent other cultures, generally the most important part is actually having the things be from the culture.

2. Apparently, the band Caramell actually had to change their identity completely due to the immense popularity of their song's remix. They had to fire all the male members, replace the females with anime holograms and make music that was deliberatly Japanese-sounding because they no longer could fight the misconception they were Japanese anime music.

You think I'm pulling your dick, bud? I'm being serious.

This would be like if, due to the popularity of Rockorange and EoGB, people thought I was British simply because I make edits and it got so out of hand I now have to pretend to be British.

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