It's official, I'm no longer the "Last Edit Reviewer" anymore.

RockorangeEdits uploaded his first edit review Friday. Rockorange has experience on reviewing things. One example was that Speakonia commentary he did back in 2013, on a Regular Show fanboy. He said that he would commentate on another one of the fanboy's videos some other time, but never surfaced.

Anyways, I like how the video was done. It was a classic style of review, like ICBINR777! and Bad Edit Hunter. Maybe Rocko could be the next Bad Edit Hunter. Rocko give out examples of what the editor in question could've done. The parts where he points out fails involves the losing horn from The Price is Right, which got repetitive and will likely change over time.

Memes are frowned upon by edit critics. Pingas was a thing back in 2009, and Rocko's "No" samples were used whenever it came up. I was used on the first use, and if Scourge starts using it repeatedly, like that Cleveland "no no no NOOO" sound, I won't be surprised. The Robotnik "NO!" sound was also used, like a rock can break a rock, I think.

One sound was Butthead, from Beavis and Butthead, saying "I think you suck", which was interpreted as "I think your fuck". It was gonna be a fail either way on that part. There was also a "rape" sample that sounded like Kurt Cobain in the same scene, but it was interpreted at "rate", due to poor syncing.

The "Burn, Motherfucker" sound from the Five Finger Death Punch song with the same name made me wonder if the original editor seen CreativeoneRofl's version. The scene with the Slayer song did drag out longer than it should, and the scene was skipped which involved a Skip It commercial. I wonder if youngbloodfantasy91 is one of Rockorange's inspirations for reviewing things?

Early edits are likely to be lackluster, and some editors can overcome that. I've seen Scourge's first edit once and never wanted to see it again, and AwesomeGuy's first edit had a bunch of continuity errors. Nowadays, Scourge and AwesomeGuy are successful editors. I hope ToonTownRandomer (the original editor) can take criticism, because I don't wish to see a similar conflict to the LilBrownAsian - xXLIGITXx47 incident back in 2013.

In conclusion, I like Rockorange's review, despite it's flaws, and I'll look forward to his next review.

This is XDrang93, and I'll blog again soon.

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