I knew Raster0fMandomness87 was gonna jump on the edit reviewing bandwagon sooner or later. The edit he reviewed was on a lackluster Camp Lazlo edit, made by RaccoonRigby. Damn, the original edit was so  bad, I'd rather be eating a sub and drinking glue straight out of the bottle than watch that edit again. Rockorange would've never heard of this edit without me telling him about it, because Rocko sent the man with three missing notes the edit for him to review.

A Neapolitan flavored fail kicked off the review. During the "ping-ands" fail, if the original video wasn't mirrored, then the edit pretty much explained itself without the use of special effects, Torture. That damn censor bleep was in the edit for some reason. If it's a censored video, then I would understand.

The "Rigby's audience" part made perfect sense to how bad the edit is. The look on Clam's face after he yelled "STOP YELLOWING!" was how I felt toward the editor, but I'm getting too ahead of myself. The "Oh crap" sound was pretty loud, but the loudness of sound clips was never brought up.

What episode of SpongeBob did "idiot" come from? i would be afraid of static electricity if it didn't sound like Squidward. The multiple choice question was pretty funny (b). Censorship came to play when Raster censored out an MLP clip. I also think the fail trombone came fron the same source. I wonder why Raster didn't say anything about the "french fries" sound?

If I was de-aged 9 years, then I'll watch the actual episode while it's still on TV, There was Spadinner all over the place. I could find a few opportunities to throw in a joke or two, but no fucks was given on that scene. The TV joke was used, since the original editor wasn't even trying. The "Yeah, baby" sound came from Mike Myers during the Austin Powers era, but Rigby fucked it up by either poor syncing or being out of place. One or the other.

In all honesty, I think the comparison with Horse Apples was most likely coincidental.

Overall, the review was a success. The text was a bit big, but it still got the job done. Since he won't do reviews that often, I guess I'll stick with Rocko's reviews for the time being.

Anyways, this is XDrang93, and I'll blog again soon.

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