Viacom is a massive corporation responsible for the rights of Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central. In the world of editing, the company is viewed as Nazi-like for having editors suspended, or having their videos removed. Most if not all current editors are opposed to Viacom, while Legobucket, having retired from editing, has given the situation thought, and now accepts Viacom, and even agrees with their removal of copyrighted material. Viacom stalks YouTube channels and even removes fair content. If you work for Viacom then don't ban videos but those disgusting fuck bags need ass ramming!

Raster0fMandomness87 refers to them as "The V of Doom", an inside joke as that was a nickname some gave to their freaky production logo from the late 70s.

Unlike most editors, Octacle doesn't blame Viacom for takedowns, but rather YouTube's copyright filter, which he describes as "faulty". This is the reason he uploads edits on Funny Or Die, rather than YouTube.

The problem is copyright; the copyright blocks out SpongeBob episodes forcing many editors to burn in hell. This is also an issue with Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, Regular Show, Adventure Time, and pretty much every cartoon that isn't animated by Billy May's unusually amazing cock.

Even Spongebob Hates Viacom